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    A & Y Associates was formed in 2016, with a combined experience of over 15 years in the construction material testing industry.

    The strength of any built structure depends on accurately predicting how earth materials will behave under engineered conditions. At A & Y Associates, we help our clients address subsurface conditions and geotechnical issues throughout all project phases including feasibility, planning, design, development, construction, and post-construction.

    Our geotechnical services include:

    Geotechnical Investigations

    • Earthwork specifications for liners, caps and bulk filling
    • Telecommunication Tower Investigation
    • Crane Bog Mat Investigation and Analysis
    • Piling Rig Working Platform Investigation and Analysis
    • Retaining Wall Investigations
    • Drilling & Sampling

    ​​Pavement Investigations

    • Pavement Investigation/ Dippings (Factual)
    • Pavement Rehabilitation (Design)

    Residential / Commercial Site Classification (Soil Test)

    • Soil Foundation Parameters
    • Preparation of Technical Specifications
    • Bushfire Attack Level Assessments AS 3959
    • Wind Speed
    • Feature Survey / Site Analysis
    • Land Capability Assessment (Septic System)
    • Land Capability Assessment (New Development)

    Earthwork Supervision

    • Level 1 Supervision
    • Level 2 Compaction Testing

    Material Analysis

    • Recommendation and Testing for VicRoads Spec Material – (Quarry)
    Our mission is to deliver quality professional geotechnical engineering and material testing services to provide our clients with safe and cost-effective projects.

    At A & Y Associates, our dedicated geotechnical engineers specialise in offering geotechnical engineering services in Melbourne. If you’re planning to kickstart a new construction project, our experts can help you mitigate the risk and avoid unexpected delays due to poor quality materials and overlooked site conditions.

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    We have an extended team of geotechnical engineers in Melbourne who conduct construction material testing and analyse site conditions for structural designing and construction purposes. Here we evaluate ground conditions and identify potential threats and quality issues that could pose a significant risk in the future. With access to the best technology and resources, we ensure that we complete the assessment on time and help clients continue with their projects as scheduled.

    Contact us to work with our geotechnical engineers who have worked on hundreds of Australian based projects over the years.

    What Do We Do?

    When you hire our Geotech engineer, you can be 100% sure of the material and land conditions prior to the construction phase. Our engineers work together to make sure the ground and materials can withstand the external elements and added pressure caused by construction. A & Y Associates’ team provides accurate geotechnical site investigation for all types of infrastructure and property development projects. We have successfully built our company’s reputation for delivering:

    • Wide range of geotech engineering services
    • Professional and technical assistance
    • Optimum solutions for complex site matters
    • Accurate on-site assessment

    We provide cutting-edge geotech engineering services by drawing on our years of experience. Whether it is assessing material quality for construction or conducting comprehensive field testing, we perform and complete each step on time.

    You can count on us to be punctual and thorough while delivering geotechnical engineer services in Melbourne.

    Geotechnical Site Investigation Services

    If you are constructing a building on challenging ground, to begin with, it can have a drastic impact in the future. Here what you need to do is let our professionals take over the site and identify whether or not the chosen site is a suitable foundation for your home or office.

    We have designed our geotechnical investigation services with the objective to provide an honest overview and findings of your site. Contact us today and we are sure you’ll be happy with our quick and prompt response. We sit with the clients to discuss their key requirements and prepare a customised plan. We start with a thorough site analysis and prepare a well-detailed report.

    We understand that the scope of every construction project may vary, which is why we note down the specific considerations given to us by the client and create a systematic plan to implement our inspection strategies.

    Hire our services and get:

    • Detailed site assessment
    • Quality assurance
    • Assistance in designing and construction
    • Range of sampling techniques

    Looking for a geotechnical site investigation? The site investigation is carried out by our qualified and experienced consultants. Discover our wide range of geotechnical solutions to save your time, money and efforts.