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    Geotechnical Drilling

    Drilling Services:

    We are now providing Amlet Explorer Drill Rig and Ute Mounted Rig services to provide your next geotechnical and environmental projects:

    • Pavement, Geotechnical and Environmental investigations
    • Site Classifications
    • Installation of groundwater monitoring well
    • Concrete and asphalt coring
    • Bulk sampling
    • Tube sampling
    • Rock coring
    • SPT testing

    Ute Mounted Drill Rig:

    • Mounted on a Isuzu D-MAX (4×4)

    Key services:
    • Solid stem augering
    • Hollow stem augering
    • Capable of drilling up to 6m
    • Geotechnical Testing (SPT, U-tube sampllng)

    A & Y Associates is one of the leading geotechnical drilling companies in Melbourne. Our drilling services form an important part of the construction industry. If you’re looking for a way to increase your productivity and reduce overall expenses, we can help. From buildings to oil rigs, our drilling contractors will take care of the entire process for you. We offer innovative resources and technology that allows us to cater to our client’s needs and meet all the rigorous safety standards.

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    We provide customised solutions based on your on-site requirements. We have a wide range of geotechnical drill rigs operating from Melbourne. Need expert assistance? Give us a call on 03 8754 8325 and talk to one of our crew members. We will review your request and prepare a personalised quote to your inbox.

    Why Choose Our Geotechnical Core Drilling Rig Services?

    At A & Y Associates, we have the experience and equipment to perform high-end drilling operations with ease. We provide comprehensive geotechnical investigation and geotechnical drilling services. Our professional drillers have worked on many projects across Melbourne over the years. If you have any onsite drilling needs or specifications, you can discuss them with our contractors. Every task is done under the expert supervision of our senior geotechnical engineer.

    Reasons to Hire Our Geotechnical Drilling Services

    When it comes to geotechnical core drilling, you can benefit from our geotechnical solutions. We employ efficient drilling methods to yield results with minimum downtime. First, we perform a quick site analysis and determine which type of drilling equipment will be the best fit for the project.

    Our geotechnical core drilling equipment ranges from manual compact models to massive structures. If you need precise drilling instrumentation, our experienced field crew will help you determine your site’s conditions by collecting soil and rock samples.

    What Do We Offer?

    • Immense product knowledge
    • Innovative testing and instrumentation equipment
    • Prompt response.

    To know more about our drilling rig services, connect with us now. You can also request a quote via email at