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    A & Y Associates provide a broad range of construction materials testing, geotechnical services, and drilling. With our NATA and ISO17025 accreditation, our clients can beassured confidence in receiving high-quality results and services.

    A & Y Associates was formed in 2016, with a combined experience of over 15 years in the construction material testings and geotechnical engineering industry.

    Our mission is to deliver quality professional geotechnical engineering and material testing services to provide our clients with safe and cost-effective projects.

    A & Y Associates prides itself on the quality of its products and services and is devoted to consistently providing high-quality services in geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, and construction materials testing and project management.

    Ground and site conditions can pose uncountable challenges such as failed pavements or damaged walls. For complete risk evaluation and assessment, you need to hire professional geotechnical engineering consultants to get all the expertise and assistance you need for your construction project requirements.

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    Are you looking for a Geotech company in Melbourne? When you are searching for geotechnical services you can truly rely upon, you should choose a team with enough hands-on experience and qualifications. At A & Y Associates, our geotechnical consultants perform a comprehensive range of testing services in addition to site investigation and evaluation for your specific needs.

    You can count on our team to carry out complex geotechnical operations including field testing, monitoring and inspections tailored as per the engineering applications. With every project that comes our way, we make sure our geotechnical consultants in Melbourne can meet the required quality standards and requirements.

    Why Hire Our Geotechnical Consulting Services?

    A & Y Associates is backed with a team of talented experienced geotechnical engineering consultants. We like to be challenged when it comes to handling multidiscipline geotechnical engineering and geotechnical construction testing. Our first and foremost priority is to deliver accurate and high-quality solutions to clients that suggestively minimise the risk levels and ensure the structural integrity of the building and architectural designs.

    Our process of geotechnical investigation is slightly different from other geotechnical engineering companies. Through our extensive research and site analysis, we make it our mission to add value to our client’s project. Every solution is designed to bring more efficiency and simplify the structural designing and construction processes.

    Why Us?

    At A & Y Associates, we are driven by our key work objectives that are- To provide innovative and practical engineering concepts and proficiently conduct site testing and inspection. Our geotechnical consultants in Melbourne follow an integrated approach right from the beginning of structural engineering designing.

    Once we are through with the assessment, we gather the test results and prepare a detailed report outlining the existing site conditions and properties. This further helps us analyse the risk and identify appropriate and stable structural designs.

    Geotechnical Services in Melbourne

    A & Y Associates have been providing geotechnical services in Melbourne since 2016 with a combined experience of over 15 years in the industry, during which we have worked on numerous commercial and industrial geotechnical developmental projects. Our services cover all aspects of risk assessments and site analysis which allows us to create customised geotechnical solutions within the timeframe and budget of our clients.

    Our fully insured and certified geotechnical engineering consultants will provide you with:

    • Fast and accurate services
    • Risk assessment investigations
    • On-time results
    • Detailed report and feedback
    • Comprehensive quote

    We strive to be a trusted provider of geotechnical services in Melbourne. Our project managers and consultants work together from site assessment through the design and construction phase. We are committed to providing the best geotechnical engineering consulting services across Melbourne. To book an appointment with us, kindly give us a call on 03 8754 8325.

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    Integrity and fairness are the basis of A & Y Associates business ethics, whether dealing with customers, suppliers or fellow team members.



    The Owners of A & Y Associates and their Employees have more than 15 years of experience.



    A & Y Associates is sincerely interested in the safety of their employees, the public, and our operations.

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